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Increase the appetite for change, enhance product knowledge and drive sales by animating data; adding meaning and making it fun to interact with. We can create branded spaces packed with tech to deliver a richer collaboration and briefing experience.


Talking Bodies

It helps to know what your people are thinking before you launch, because after all, people make the difference. And your people will make a bigger difference. Give them their own channel; let them use their own technology to securely connect with the corporate machine and mindset, as well as each other. Talking Bodies allows you to offer a more personal experience when down briefing from the Exec, whilst allowing staff the opportunity for staff to instantly contribute and communicate, using 'pocket technology'. Enable an authentic dialogue with your workforce.


Once your people have had their say, use this broadcast tool to unpack more detail. MyTile is a customised multimedia player, allowing you to access your videos, presentations, or people, through Tiles that offer an intuitive, easy to navigate interface. Built as a web app, MyTile makes big presentations run super smooth, with the ability to dip in and out of rich media, allowing the presenter to be in command of the conversation; be in control through seamless navigation; and be confident in having all of the required information at their fingertips.


It's time to sell! You have a great Research & Innovation team that’s full of ideas and new propositions; a proactive Product team that’s building and packaging and priming the product pipeline; and a sales team that is so busy selling today that they don’t get fully equipped to upsell tomorrow! The Product Deck is what you offer, organised by Customer and Priority - a fun format with a serious objective to equip your sales force with the knowledge and know-how to turn conversations into conversions.

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