Consider us a catalyst, not a consultancy

Sometimes, it feels like we live in a world full of data, where complexity prevails and communications suffers. At Simply Vizual, we believe that true value is created through the ability to simplify complexity, and make informed connections. From our experience, we know that immersive, compelling visualisations have the power to accelerate insight and action that will propel and grow your business.

From strategy to solutions; products to propositions; data viz to value chains; and from lead gen to marketing execution. Simply Vizual offers a modular suite of tools and highly experienced consultancy, that can be completely tailored to your individual needs to bring your business to life for you and your customers.

Our Specialist Practitioners

We are a unique consultancy network built around a core of IBG World, specialists in accelerating business growth. Our consultants and practitioners have in depth, hands-on, international experience of all industry sectors from Telecommunications to Transport; Manufacturing to Media; and from Service Centres to Social Media. We have offices in London, Mainland Europe and the Far East but will work with you on your premises, at your convenience.

Simon Warman-Freed


Simon is a sales and marketing acceleration expert with over 25 years of successfully achieving significant New Business growth with Corporate, Mid-Size, SME and Start-Up businesses with focus on helping entrepreneurial and mid-market companies optimize their growth.

He has a deep expertise in understanding the issues and pressure facing business owners and people within businesses at all levels, and a track record of delivering strong results. He is known for his sincere and accurate assessment of other people and their approach, for bringing business on the table and mostly known for being a ‘lovely fellow’ among his peers.

When he’s not buried in his work (which he almost always is – although he will be quick to deny that as he’s a great believer of work-life balance), his passions are his girls, great cuisine, palm trees and hot sunshine, and the Chelsea football team.

Mark Applin

Key Accounts Director

Strengths include passion, creativity, and project management.

Accomplished communications professional providing strategic communicators with tactical support. Expertise spans internal and external audiences in air traffic management, loss prevention, retail and beyond.

Recent work includes co-authoring The Little Book of Loss, now in its fourth edition with global sales of over 30,000 copies. 2014 sees translations into Russian, Spanish, Polish and German. The Little Books of Safety and Service due for publication late 2014 alongside a learning app.

In 2014, conceived and developed Signly with Deafax, a charity committed to transforming the lives of deaf people through technology.

When not at work, Mark assumes the role of Super Dad and can often be found up a hill, by the river or in the sea.

Genevieve Cunada

Marketing Director

Genevieve is a software engineer, copywriter, digital artist, and a late-blooming Marketing enthusiast. She has 12 years of information technology experience in various capacities such as software development, technical writing, project management, and systems analysis and design.

Having collaborated with cross-functional teams on projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, Singapore, India, and in the Philippines, she has gained much insight into the business processes of multinational companies.

Pauline Dela Cruz

Executive Assistant

Pauline is a trained mathematician and an experienced retail sales specialist. She had 15 years’ professional experience on Brand Management, Human Resources Management, and Retail Sales before joining IBG.

Her previous professional repertoire includes conducting seminars and trainings for sales personnel, monitoring staff evaluation and development, handling of local labour cases, customer service relations, and designing systems on inventory control. One of her most recent key accomplishments was when she set a sales record for her branch, surpassing all other locations nationwide.

Eunice Ong

Data Research Manager

Eunice is a computer engineering graduate who spent eight and a half years working for a semiconductor company as a web administrator and a product support engineer. A programmer and a systems administrator, she handled process improvement projects, parallel to dealing with co-engineers on the technical side, and various customer queries.

Marge Alim

Account Manager

Marge is an experienced Finance & Accounting professional exposed in the semiconductor industry for more than 10 years. She is adept in sales and revenue analysis, forecasting and reporting which had been beneficial to her sales & marketing counterparts in the US and Europe. She has an in-depth grasp of systems and reporting tools which helps her manage to find a simplified approach to given responsibilities.

Lesley Hussell

Corporate Communications Director 

Lesley’s skills range from bright, punchy copywriting for websites, newsletters or case studies to powerful press releases, blogs, interviewing and research. With a diverse background in top-flight journalism – from daily briefings at 10 Downing Street to BBC television features in France to the Daily Mail deputy foreign editor’s desk – she loves working with words to get a message across. Lesley is flexible, covering subjects as varied as Iranian nukes to Miley Cyrus, garden design to IT, and rugby to risk management. Fresh air helps her think – ideally on the South Downs or up a Cumbrian mountain!

Mark Peters

Commercial Director

Mark is a sales and marketing expert with over 25 years of success. Throughout his career, Mark has achieved significant growth in new business revenues and profits working with Corporate, Mid-Size, SME and start-up businesses.

Through a career of engagements with many customers, Mark has a developed deep understanding of the issues and pressures facing business owners and is comfortable engaging at all levels of the organisation. He has a proven track record of reconciling the value of a supplier to the needs of the customer, in particular in the software industry. Mark is known for being very passionate about the businesses he represents and their products and services.

When not at work, Mark likes to spend time with his five children as well as enjoying a beer at the local or a glass of fine red! He likes to follow most sports and is a keen skier – like Simon he has been a lifelong supporter of Chelsea football Club.

What We Do

We specialise in transforming business performance through a unique application of expertise and tools, with a real focus on immersive and interactive visualisation. We are highly experienced in all aspects of business from creating new Strategies and Target Operating Models (TOMs); to the Product Management lifecycle and Value Propositions development; to Lead Generation and Go To Market execution. We can provide core business consultancy in addition to creative, digital and media services that can enhance your brand and increase your customer engagement.

Our Unique Process

There is no single process in Simply Vizual. Of course we have tried and tested methods -like our Transform8 model- to discover what’s important to you and your customers, and how to go about identifying routes to revenue to secure sustainable growth. And we have our own tools and techniques that we know help the transformation journey go a little smoother and a little faster. However, there is no standard application. You are unique and we respect that, so we will tune our approach to create the dynamic you need to accelerate your transformation. Consider us a catalyst, not a consultancy!

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